We help early startups, Entrepreneurs to setup DMIT company with their brand name using our technology and DMIT software.We can help you get complete control the DMIT master software and all the revenue models

Are You Looking for opportunities to Work from Home? or Are you an Housewife who want to contribute for the family? or Are you planning to startup a business?

If answer is “Yes You Are”, then come forward and join us. We are looking forward for such Entrepreneurs to join us to contribute in DMIT.

Start up your Business in your OWN BRAND.

We give DMIT Software at affordable cost and we dont charge you Report based model. We train you with complete education and provide you with all the business collaterals which are required to run the business. We give full support without any recurring cost and keep you updated.

Get trained and certify your organization by us.



  • Create your own Brand of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test
  • No Renewal Fee , No Royalty Fee, No Maintenance Fee
  • 100% Genuine DMIT software
  • Fingerprint Scanning Software
  • Fingerprint analysis & Report generation training
  • Fully Customised DMIT Report with Your Own Brand.
  • Create Your Franchise Network
  • Distribute the software to your franchisee.
  • Unlimited number of users of software.
  • Customized design & formatting of Report
  • Generate unlimited number of reports
  • Unlimited DMIT Report Generation

We Give you training on

FINGERPRINTS ANALYSIS (Dermatoglyphics Analyst)

  • How to Identify Fingerprints
  • How to Analysing Fingerprints
  • How to Identify Personality
  • How to Identify Learning Sensibility with ATD Angle

COUNSELING (Multiple Intelligence Consultant)

  • Inborn Talents
  • Levels of Multiple Intelligence
  • My Quotient
  • Preferred Learning Style
  • Personality & Behaviour
  • Brain Dominance
  • Learning Sensibility & ATD Angle
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Stream Selection
  • Career Option
  • Remedies


  • Sales Pitch of the Product
  • Objection Handling
  • Sales Closing Skills
  • Reference Generation Skills
  • Sales Presentation (PPT)

NLP TECHNIQUE(Neuro Linguistic Programming)


  • How to Install Scanner Driver
  • How to Install Fingerprint Scanning Software
  • How to Install Report Generating Scanning Software
  • How to Scan Fingerprints
  • How to Operate the Software
  • How to Prepare and Generate Reports
  • How to Upload Data for Backup

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