Run your Information Technology Projects better!

Project management is fundamental of every IT project to minimise business risk and ensure a straightforward transition. We understand the technical side and the business side of Information Technology and so our IT and project management services are different. We understand the impact your IT group’s projects can have on your company’s productivity and finances. We understand the pressures of your technical team, your managers, and your executive staff. We understand that your project reflects mirror of your business processes.

With so many items that require attention and coordination, Comp Solutions have long recognised the value of deploying skilled and experienced Project Managers to ensure that our customers are supported throughout the lifecycle of any project.

From planning and fulfilment, to installation, our Project Managers are detailed to meet your business objectives in a professional manner. Acting as a central point of contact across multiple stakeholders including vendors and the installation team, communications will be timely and accurate while our Project Managers also deal with all the administration aspects that a complex job entails.

Working as technical leaders they continually demonstrate the commitment and expertise that makes the crucial difference to a project finishing on time and within budget.

From an initial client meeting to understand the scope of a project and business needs, to surveying physical locations and identifying access to work, our industry leading Project Managers will assume responsibility for project and communication plans, statements of work and installation.

Comp Solution’s Project Management service have designed to engage and collect customer feedback, we use this process to help us deliver a seamless, first-class, end user experience.

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